I begin touching Linux back in 2011. I still remember, I learning vim, command line, etc.

The first thing my mentor told me to do was, clone his dotfiles.
If you first time heard about this term, I’m pretty sure that you’re new to Unix world.

Today, I have my own config in my GitHub repo.

In Unix, every programs’ config will be kept in home directory (~).
For example, for vim config will be kept in ~/.vimrc OR /home/username/.vimrc.

Also, you can add alias to shorthen your command. Just have to edit the file ~/.bashrc, and add

alias gitdiff='git diff --color'

which mean, when you type in command gitdiff, it actually equivalent to git diff --color.

I add all my config to my GitHub repo and managed via homesick.

If you’re new to unix environment, you’ll find it actually save you lots of time.