I’m a PHP web developer. You can reach me on me [at] jsl [dot] im.
Hire me 😉

Little about myself

  • Comfortably work in Linux environment, edit code & some basic linux commands
  • Work on PHP since 2011, Laravel since 2013
  • Vim as my favourite text editor
  • AWS & GCP experience
  • PHPUnit
  • Elasticsearch

What I’m NOT

  • not much of leading experience


iPrice Group (Apr 20 - present)

  • Agile Development
  • PHPUnit test
  • Jira for project management
  • ElasticSearch
  • Work with ETL pipeline in PySpark to process billions of products from data feeds
  • Configure Apache Airflow for daily run tasks
  • use of docker & terraform for deployment

Involve Asia (Jun 18 - Apr 20)

  • Develop web application in Laravel 5/6
  • Use Jira & Bitbucket for project management
  • Migrate Wordpress to Laravel, restructure DB
  • Implement Elasticsearch to Laravel project
  • Perform A/B test with Google Optimize
  • Write a micro-service (docker) web app to crawl 3rd party website content (Node.js & Python)
  • Write crawler to crawl variety of marketplace product price
  • Track user interaction with Google Analytics event (with Google Tag Manager)
  • Partly use Vue.js for with Laravel project
  • Create mini tools with AWS lambda (screenshot web page, resize image)
  • Working with billions of records
  • Write composer package for internal use
  • Scrum (daily stand up, biweekly sprint planning)

Alphacloud Sdn Bhd (Oct 15 - May 18)

  • Develop web application in Laravel 5
  • Setup & configure web application in AWS (ElasticBeanstalk, EC2, S3, SQS, RDS)
  • Involve in python backend development, to crawl Facebook & Instagram API
  • Develop Adqlo project front end in Angular 5
  • Working on JWT authentication
  • Develop Windows desktop app in C#, and connect with printer, MyKad reader, fingerprint device

Werebits Sdn Bhd (Dec 12 - Jul 15)

  • iOS development in Objective-C
  • PHP web development in Zend Framework (1 & 2)
  • Mock to HTML
  • Manage source code with Git
  • Rewrite existing project using Laravel 4
  • Develop simple Facebook app with Python (Django)
  • Develop simple Android widget
  • Setup & configure web application in DigitalOcean VPS

iKonxept Sdn Bhd (Apr 11 - Sep 15)

  • Web development in PHP (CodeIgniter & in-house framework)
  • Manage source code with Subversion
  • Code in Linux environment (LAMP stack)
  • Learn about refactoring
  • Write code with Vim editor


Tunku Abdul Rahman College (May 08 - May 12)

  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science
  • Learn C as my first programming language
  • Learn OOP & data structure in Java



If you’re from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, feel free to join me to go hiking/running :)