Today’s largest online retailer used to be originally known as ‘Earth’s Largest Bookstore’. They were actually sued for that statement by Barnes & Noble, because the claim was supposedly ‘fake’. The two companies later decided to settle off court.

It was back in July 1995 when Amazon first opened the virtual doors to its store. At the beginning, this bookstore was situated in a small garage. Nowadays, it’s one of the biggest success stories of the modern world thanks to an ever increasing portfolio of products, mesmerizingly efficient logistics and, generally, very good prices across the board. Amazon’s history has so far been filled with plenty of interesting stories, so we’ve decided to share some with you.

Back in the old days, Amazon had no inventory. So, whenever customers ordered a book, the employees would have to order it from a bookseller, wait for it to arrive at their offices, and then re-ship it to the buyer. For common titles, people only had to wait for about a week before their order arrived. However, if a book was more difficult to find, people would have to wait for up to a month before getting their order.

Another interesting fact is the name behind the brand. The owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, at first actually wanted to name his bookstore ‘Cadabra’ from the word ‘Abracadabra’. But while talking to the phone with one of his lawyers, he was told that it sounds too much like ‘cadaver,’ which was the reason to pick another name.

Bezos turned to the dictionary and decided to look up the words under the first letter of the alphabet. He settled on ‘Amazon’ because back when he was just starting out his company, the website listings were ordered alphabetically. Therefore, choosing a name with the first letter of the alphabet meant that his website would sit higher up on these listings.

There are plenty of other interesting facts and stories that surround Amazon, since it’s been around for the past 23 years. If you’d like to know more, take a look at the infographic below.


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