Today I would like to share with you, I had put Adsterra on this site. As they claimed that high CPM rate.

Right now, I notice that my site has blocked by Google Chrome.

Banned by chrome

I guess is because of, when first load the page, the first click will redirect to somewhere, this is really annoying also.

I found out there is a link about terraclick, and is from the javascript file that from Adsterra. So I remove it quickly.

Now, I check back my Google Analytics

Google Analytics traffic drop

The session drop until 50+. If you still can see this post, I hope that you don’t simply trust all these claim about high CPM bla bla bla.

Use Google AdSense, otherwise use RevenueHits. At lease I know that RevenueHits can make me some revenue, better than those scam Ads platform (really make my site shit).

RevenueHits revenue

My revenue drop also. Please review carefully before you apply any ads on your site.