JavaScript class define a callback delegate method

I recently working on a JavaScript project, which required to write class.

Usually I just use 3rd party plugin for most of my project, e.g. jQuery.ajax

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Laravel 5 custom validator

As the official documentation doesn’t specify how exactly to create a custom
validation class.

1. Create custom validator class

You can create in any where as you like. For my example, I will create in

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Automate WinForm app publish to match NAppUpdate standard

If you’re using NAppUpdate framework to publish your WinForm app, this post is for you.

Assume that you already setup NAppUpdate successfully. Now we want to simplify it to just 1 click publish, and the others clients can just update it

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Setup cronjob & queue in Elastic Beanstalk with Laravel

This is basically part-2 continue from Setup Laravel 5 in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

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Python script to simulate multiple concurrent requests to web application

I first created this script to heavy test the web application hosted in elastic beanstalk.

Why python? Just for fun :)

Let’s begin

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Enable ssh login without password

In client PC

Generate ssh key if you don’t have one

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AWS extend disk volume on an EC2 instance

There may have certain situation that we need to extend disk volume on an instance.

Create a new volumn on AWS

Visit EC2 service, and click on the Volumes on the left menu. Then create volume

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AWS EC2 - Enable remote access on mysql

I think most of us know that enable remote access, need to create a new user with % host.

But in EC2, there are some security config need to be done.

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Setup Laravel 5 in Amazon Elastic Beanstalk


This is my first time dealing with AWS. Initially, I setup my Laravel project in a normal EC2 instance, and manually install mysql, web server, etc.

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Adsterra make my site traffic drop & get banned by Chrome

Today I would like to share with you, I had put Adsterra on this site. As they claimed that high CPM rate.

Right now, I notice that my site has blocked by Google Chrome.

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