Vagrant for PHP development environment

What is Vagrant?

I asked this question before, I think is about 1 year+ ago. Many times, I search for it, but couldn’t understand how it work.

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Top 5 Strategies to Heighten Security of Your WordPress Site

Author Bio :

Sophia is a renowned WordPress developer by profession. If you’re about to Hire WordPress developer, then you can get in touch with her. Sophia already has multiple WordPress-related articles under her name.

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Selenium vs PhantomJS - Which One is Better For Testing Web Apps

About the Author - As an mobile app developer and computer programmer of Xicom Technologies Ltd.-Android App Development Services, Amanda Cline explains which is better selenium or phantom JS for testing web apps. Technology intrigues me and this is why I like to read and write about mobile apps and web development related topics specially.

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Setup Ruby on Rails in Debian 7

1. Update the source list

Assumed that ruby & gem are not installed. Need to install rvm first.

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How branding is important to a developer?

When we talk about “Branding”, often we thought about sales & marketing.Yes, nothing wrong here! In fact, many developers/geeks doesn’t know that it is important to them too.

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List of possible PHP errors

What is this?

Many times, we struggled on finding out the cause of error.
Especially, it works on local environment, but failed in live server.

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Debian apt-get not working

I’m facing this when I fresh install Debian 7.

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Integrate iPay88 to iOS mobile platform

The first payment gateway I dealed with was PayPal. At that moment,
I found it sucks, very tedious to integrate into iOS platform.
Until now, I need to work with iPay88, which
has no native iOS SDK, and the process even more tedious than PayPal.
I share this because of the toughness & not easy to find any
resources on web. Hope you enjoy.

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Show html description in UIWebView in a better way

Desire result

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iOS - UIActivityViewController custom share message to different providers

Begin from iOS6, Apple simplify the share process by using UIActivityViewController.
The thing is that, Twitter is only allow up to 140 characters on a post,
thus we may need to customize the share text for Twitter.

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