Welcome to my technical blog.

About me

I learn my first programming language (C language) in year 2008 in my first semester. Followed by Java, C#, Prolog.

In 2011, I started my internship training. Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL (LAMP stack) are all new
to me, but I’m so excited to learn all these. I’m so lucky to meet my Linux guru (my supervisor
Kian-Meng, Ang)
, he had inspire me about open source stuffs, shared me lots of
Linux stuffs, Vim editor (is my favourite editor now), server stuffs, GitHub, etc.

I started iOS app development in year 2012 Dec. I learn the tutorial
from this book. In this period, I switch between PHP (REST API) & iOS development.

In 2015, I worked as a backend developer. Use some DevOps tools like Vagrant. Also, write some mini shell script to automate some small tasks.
One of the project involved hardware. Thus, I write a C# wrapper to wrap up the web app (written in PHP Laravel 5), in order for the web app to be able to interact with hardware.
Besides, Node.js also added to this project, due to broadcast notification feature is needed.

I started an Angular (version 5) project in late 2016, the stack of this project is Angular, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP (middle-end), Python (backend analysis). It’s a digital marketing tools, using Facebook & Instagram API. I’m involving in front & middle-end here, thus is a new challenge to me.

To-be update…

Interested to know more about me? Drop me an email me@jsl.im