Welcome to my technical informative blog.


Previously I was blogging with WordPress.
After that I found github page which allow me to write a static blog using Octopress v2 which is using Jekyll.

Thanks Octopress, now I can write a blog post with any editor that I like.

Update 31 October 2015: I switch to plain Jekyll, due to there is a big change for October v2 & v3.

About me

In year 2004, my mother bought me my very first computer, which is a custom made desktop with Windows XP installed.
At that moment, what I use the computer is just about playing games.

After some time, I was thinking to become a computer technician (repairing computer) in future.
My family member & I thought that this line has a bright future, since computer has become so
common that time. I met a person who is a computer teacher (more precise, he is computer technician)
who can teach Microsoft Office and repair computer. But the prerequisite skill is typing without looking
on keyboard. Damn! My typing was so slow at that time, but I decided to practice it. It tooks me about
2 to 3 months time to get familiar with it. At the end I never learn (how to repair computer) from him.

After high school, I’m getting to college soon. I decided to pick a computer related course (I totally have
no idea what is programming, I thought is about repair computers)
which is Computer Science.

I learn my first programming language (C language) in year 2008 in my first semester. As usual, the
first program is to print Hello World!. I follow exactly what lecturer type int the editor (Visual
, then run it, it shows me 2 words Hello World! in a black screen. I was… “What the hell?
What is the purpose here?” totally have no idea what is this about. But after I did my assignment (with help
from my friend)
, I’m able to score A in that semester as well as understand the basic logic.

Until year 2011, I started my internship training. Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL (LAMP stack) are all new
to me, but I’m so excited to learn all these. I’m so lucky to meet my Linux guru (my supervisor
Kian-Meng, Ang)
, he had inspire me about open source stuffs, teach me
Linux stuffs, Vim editor (is my favourite editor now), server stuffs, GitHub, etc. The 6 months
internship really awesome.

I started mobile development (in fact should be iOS app development) in year 2012 Dec. I learn the tutorial
from this book. In this period, I switch between PHP &
iOS development. I get to understand more about HTTP when designing the API.

Until October 2015, I only focus on PHP, at the same time I improve my backend skills. Like I start to use
Vagrant for the development.

Interested to know more about me? Drop me an email me@jsl.im